So you’re thinking about buying lingerie for the woman in your life. Well if you didn’t do anything to upset her, then you must love her a lot. Lingerie is an intimate gift which can make your lady feel sexy and loved. So choosing the right lingerie is one of the most romantic things you can do, and odds are you’ll be invited to unwrap it later on. Choose the wrong lingerie and you better run the other way. Hopefully this guide will help you choose the right gift of lingerie (the kind of gift that will put her in your arms).

Remember you are buying it for her not you.

1.  You must pick out something that will please her first and you second. If she don’t like it believe me she might wear it or she might not , no matter how much you beg, she must feel sexy and comfortable in it.

2.  So you need to choose something that she will like. How do you know what she’ll like? Just think about the things she likes to wear, the colors she prefers, the style she likes, that would be a safe way to go.
The hard part is trying to find out what she really likes. Below are a few ideas that might help you out.

A. Does she like to play dress up ?
B. Has she ever talked about lingerie?
C. Does she like A baby doll and matching panties?
D. Or does she like more exotic lingerie?
E. Find out the color she likes and if she likes lace or not.

3. Some men like to buy just for special occasion, Or just to spice things up a little or just to say I love you. What ever the reason might be you can’t go wrong with Tatiana classy lingerie or undergarments and watch the reaction you get when you give it to her.

4. Some women are just not the lingerie type if your lady is one that would prefer something else then may we suggest looking at are bra straps or maybe a nice warm pair of house slippers or just some panties. Just take a little time and browse Barb’s lingerie boutique.

5. What ever you decide just remember two things:

A. She must be comfortable in it.

B. She will want it to make her feel sexy and good about herself.


Don’t be afraid to ask me more questions about lingerie or corsetry.